30.04.2013 14:33

/ České stránky také s anglickými překlady /  Wudang Kungfu understud as martial arts is a very universal tool. You can practice this art for many reasons, possibly for more than one reason together. Wudang Kungfu includes several very important disciplins, or subjects, which create a compact system for improving physical condition, health and of course ability to face unexpected situations. It is also very powerful way for those who are looking for self exploring and selfcultivation. However, it is essential to know how to use particular tools for the concrete goal. Wudang Kungfu includes tai ji, qi gong, meditation, combat and training methods of kungfu and of course popular forms with and without weapons.

 / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / On this website I will try to describe such training on the example of foreign students group in one of wudang kungfu schools. Wudang Traditional Kungfu Academy of Master Yuan Xiu Gang. Photographs wil be continuously renewed. Enjoy browsing threw them ...