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/ České stránky také s anglickými překlady / All you who came acros these pages are very welcome ! I am sure that everybody can find some part of wbsite which gives them info or idea about Wudang. Everybody who likes photography, traveling, healthy sports, healthy lifestyle, kungfu and so, will certainly find some parts of these pages interesting. Pictures and texts here are published by a student of wudang kungfu who spent already several years in one of wudang kungfu schools, in the Hubei province in China.


Wudangshan is a place where wudang kung fu and taiji was invented. Also secrets of  long lives of the legendary taoist monks are hidden in the wals of the wudang temples. Wudangshan is also area where chinese country life is changing thanks to modern times right in front of your eyes. You can go for a beautiful walks in the mountains where you can experience hils, beautiful views of the mountain range covered by sunsets or sunrises. Steep slops and nice people are very typical to meet on your walks.


Wudangshan is also place where you can learn kungfu, tai ji, qi gong, meditation ... These days wudang kung fu is beying spread by tradition, culture, martial arts but first of all as a way of healthy living. Practicing wudang kungfu, tai ji, qi gong and so on is therefore suitable for all ages. Photographs here on this website will show you life and training in one of local kungfuschools as well.