29.04.2013 15:04


The history of the project

/ České stránky také s anglickými překlady / This website was created thanks to several years effort, honest training and facing many obstacles, which finally led to the point when there is something valuable to share. You are very welcome to browse threw pictures, words and experience expressed.


This my wudang project started in summer 2006 when I decided to go to China to practice kung fu for 1 year. To be able to do that I needed money which I of course did not have. But lucky me. In 2007 I got the chance to work in USA for 9 months, which got me money exactly for 1 year in China.


In January 2008 after I came back to Czech, thanks to difficulties obtaining viza, I had to postpone my year in China to March 2009.


I would like to thank to all who supported me and helped me with this difficult project.