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/ České stránky také s anglickými překlady / Wudang Taiji, probably same as other styles of taiji, is usually described as a moving meditation. Movement and meditation together. Many people picture taiji as a movement which has miraculous influence on health, which calmes down your mind and threw calm mind we reach the inner peace ...

/České stránky také s anglickými překlady/ Consider this short article as sharing of my own experience with wudang taiji that I gathered for the past 4 years of my stay in wudang kungfu school.

For succesful training of taiji is very important your atitude and discipline and especially at the beginning is very important who teaches you the first steps. This of course is same for training of kungfu. Your trainer or master, in my opinion, should teach you not just movements, but also how to approach the training - simply how to train.

Practicing taiji requires the ability to relax the whole your body, which can be, at least from the beginning quite a challenge, especially for those who dont do any sports or kind of regural movement. 

Your coach or trainer can support you a lot by his atitude, but also can totaly destroy your interest in this art. I recommend not to stop practice. Better change the school and carry on.

Taiji can become your doctor and at the same time psychologist. It can help you a lot both physically and mentaly. We practice for health and happiness which springs from the inside ...

The advantage of taiji is the fact, that you can start practicing it at any age, for its' typical feature, which is slow fluent moving.

Part of Taiji training is practicing basic movements. Basic movements get you ready for learning more complicated forms. Generally I can say, that the longer I practice kungfu and taiji forms the more I like doing basic movements. Basic movements are very efective and important.

This article brings you just the basic idea of Taiji and is not a source of much of theoretical information for very simple reason. Taiji, as meditation and movement, if it is to bring you expected results, is not about thinking but not thinking. Doing taiji we dont think, but feel. If anyone likes to ask some additional question, please dont hesitate to contact me.



,,The more you know, the less you understand ... "   TAO TE CHING


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