13.06.2013 08:20

Meditation is a big topic about a very simple and efective matter. NOT THINKING - this is how meditation is often described. Many publications, manuals how to meditate, why to meditate ... A lot of meditation techniques, a lot of information ... I like the paragraph from taoist book Tao Te Ching, which tels us : ,, the more you know, the less you understand ... ,, . This and some else sentences remained very deep in my head, maybe because they answer my own experience. For a good meditation we really do not need to know anything ...


Tai Ji Quan is also Meditation. It is a meditation in movement. Different kind of meditation. However still ...



Meditation is a very simple matter which does not require too much knowledge. Requires only discipline. To be able to meditate every day regurarly for example 15 minutes. These days it is only just this discipline which makes it so hard to do. We are thinking non stop about so many things, we are planning future, discussing the past and this is exactly what ends in the meditation, or maybe should end. Thinking during meditation becomes unwanted or ignored, because it disturbs our meditation - NOT THINKING. If we succeed to meditate regurarly your thinking will disturb you less and less and you start to meet and feel more and more yourself and ... something that you have to find out yourself for yourself .


Important is to meditate regurarly. Keep your back straigth. Follow and observe your breath. Try to do nothing everyday at least 15 minutes.


Good luck with your yourney to inner peace.