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This web presentation is a work and hobby of a student of wudang kungfu Oldřich Lapka ( Olda ), who started his training in a town of Wudangshan in Hubei province in China in March 2009. His original plan was to stay and practice hard for 1 year. To practice internal and external training, atitude and selfdiscipline and find out about influence of such training on ordinary everyday life. But after short period of time he was given a chance to join the 5 year program training, which was set up to lead foreign students to a  certain level of kungfu skill and experience with daoist life and culture. After 5 years of training should the level of skill, knowledge, experience and understanding be good enough for them to go back home and share this with other people.


This website is starting when the 5year program has already moved to its' second part and have only 1,5 years to go. Slowly the time of sharing experience with others come. So all those who are interested in pushing their physical and mental limits, in physical health, peace of their hearts and harmony of physical and mental, feel free and very welcome to browse and enjoy these pages.


  • Name                                                                                       Oldřich Lapka
  • Home town                                                                               Brno / Czech republic
  • Birth                                                                                         1975

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“Knowing others is
intelligence; knowing
yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is
strength; mastering yourself
is true power.”
~ Lao Tzu