Can Taiji or Qigong help with my health problem ?

27.06.2013 06:07
Can Taiji or Qigong help with my health problem ? Big percentage of health problems, including stres and frustration is caused by disbalance of ying and yang - energy in our body - in our energetic system. Taiji and Qigong as well as Kungfu balance these differences and put your body and mind in...

Why to practice Wudang taiji and kungfu ?

27.06.2013 05:47
České stránky, také s anglickými překlady /  Wudang Taiji and Wudang Kungfu is similar to ying and yang. They support each other and together create powerful tool for maintaining health and happiness and mental stability in our lifes.


13.06.2013 08:20
Meditation is a big topic about a very simple and efective matter. NOT THINKING - this is how meditation is often described. Many publications, manuals how to meditate, why to meditate ... A lot of meditation techniques, a lot of information ... I like the paragraph from taoist book Tao...


15.05.2013 15:30
  / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / Wudang Taiji, probably same as other styles of taiji, is usually described as a moving meditation. Movement and meditation together. Many people picture taiji as a movement which has miraculous influence on health, which calmes down your mind...


30.04.2013 14:33
/ České stránky také s anglickými překlady /  Wudang Kungfu understud as martial arts is a very universal tool. You can practice this art for many reasons, possibly for more than one reason together. Wudang Kungfu includes several very important disciplins, or subjects, which create a compact...


30.04.2013 14:12
  / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / The idea of traditional training may differ person from person. In this photogallery you can see pictures and comments about the traditional training of a group of foreign students studying 5 years program of kungfu and daoist culture in...


30.04.2013 12:19
/ České stránky také s anglickými překlady / To test by own experience the influence of change of our lifestyle on our health, happiness and deeper understanding yourselve and threw it also understanding  everybody. The influence of such experience on coexistence and sharing with others....


29.04.2013 15:04
  The history of the project / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / This website was created thanks to several years effort, honest training and facing many obstacles, which finally led to the point when there is something valuable to share. You are very welcome to browse threw...


29.04.2013 14:42
  This web presentation is a work and hobby of a student of wudang kungfu Oldřich Lapka ( Olda ), who started his training in a town of Wudangshan in Hubei province in China in March 2009. His original plan was to stay and practice hard for 1 year. To practice internal and external training,...

Information for visitors

28.04.2013 12:25
  Dear Visitors, / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / Here on this website I am going to share my experience with you threw photographs and articles. I will try to add new pictures continuously so hopefully if you come sometimes again, you can see some updated events and...
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