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29.04.2013 15:04
  The history of the project / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / This website was created thanks to several years effort, honest training and facing many obstacles, which finally led to the point when there is something valuable to share. You are very welcome to browse threw...


29.04.2013 14:42
  This web presentation is a work and hobby of a student of wudang kungfu Oldřich Lapka ( Olda ), who started his training in a town of Wudangshan in Hubei province in China in March 2009. His original plan was to stay and practice hard for 1 year. To practice internal and external training,...

Information for visitors

28.04.2013 12:25
  Dear Visitors, / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / Here on this website I am going to share my experience with you threw photographs and articles. I will try to add new pictures continuously so hopefully if you come sometimes again, you can see some updated events and...


28.04.2013 12:09
  / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / This website was started to inform public about one place in China. This place has been mentioned in many stories and movies and is a birthplace of Daoism, wudang kung fu, Tai ji, meditation, internal alchymi for longevity and also...


28.04.2013 12:04
  WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE !!! / České stránky také s anglickými překlady / All you who came acros these pages are very welcome ! I am sure that everybody can find some part of wbsite which gives them info or idea about Wudang. Everybody who likes photography, traveling, healthy sports,...
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